Monday, September 20

Hello Hello Blogger

Well finally (and obviously) I decided to start a blog. A legit one. Not a tumblr, re-blog other images I find on tumblr, blog. (I had one, it was boring.) This is one that is an honest catalog of inspiration and thoughts, and hopefully meaningful or amusing commentary about it. I'm hoping to practice my writing.

I've also really have been wanting a way to share the design work that I'm a part of through my job - anything from print, to interactive, web, and environmental design. But also, personal projects, which are more of a wildcard - cooking, designing, reading, theorizing about nonsensical things, etc. So I invite you along on my journey through my career, my life and my brain. Hope you enjoy :)


  1. I am very much looking forward to the nonsensical things :)

  2. i'm looking forward to it too.

    i love that picture!